Literaryswag BBQ

I could talk about how the Park’s Department played me out with the event permit. I could talk about how I checked the Yahoo weather app the whole week hoping it wouldn’t rain even though it showed thunderstorms. I could talk about how there was more money spent than raised or budgeted for. I could talk about the intense panic I felt the morning of when I saw that there was a whole event going on in the spot we were going to use; about the fear that someone was going to shut the event down before it started. Or worse: while it was in full swing. I could talk about the food being late; about how I spent more time in a Fly Cleaner’s van than at the actual BBQ; and about how I missed the cameos of some of my closest friends.

And even though I finessed a rhetorical structure which allows me to talk about these things anyway, entertaining those things would detract from the fact that, even without an event and sound permit, yesterday was the very definition of a lituation. No one ever hated and tried to call the boys on us. The weather app may have forecasted rain but we never got a single drop. Even got some sunshine. Because of the event on the other side, we actually got to be on the nicer side of the park—and when their event ended, they actually blessed us with their extra snacks and waters. Although the food was late, everyone enjoyed it when it came. We got to feed the families who were in the park. And some homeless heads too. Me not being there for most of the event did little from keeping the event from running smoothly. The team held it down. They were the real MVPs. I was able to present this year's winner of the 2016 Literaryswag Competition, Christina Santi with her check and book of choice in style. I was able to get the extra fancy plastic wine cups, and a few cases of the Nelli's to pour everyone up to celebrate her and us. Mike got to do his interpretation of "Blue Steel." I couldn't write a better yesterday than the one that exists and I wouldn't want to. Give God the glory, I'll settle for this bottle of Nelli's.  

Jennelle Gordon