1. What is the Literaryswag Book Club?
The Literaryswag Book Club is a Brooklyn-based book club and subscription service that cultivates community and conversation around books, culture and style.

2. When and where does it meet?
The Literaryswag Book Club meetings take place every last Wednesday of the month at The Brooklyn Circus, a boutique clothing store located in the Boerum Hill section of the borough.

3. Do I have to read the book to attend the meetings?
You do NOT have to read the books to attend the meeting. As we are a community committed to bridging the gap between people who love books and people who have never had a chance, it was important for us to eliminate the barriers of entry that have traditionally kept people out. Engaging in the conversation, and connecting with community our priority. You can always read the book, but you can't always find someone who’s read the book and is always interested in talking about it. That’s where we come in.

4. Can I bring friends?
As space and seating is limited, only subscribed members of the Book Club are able to bring guests to the meetings. General attendees of the meeting—people who aren’t subscribed to the Book Club—can only RSVP for themselves.

5. Why do I need to RSVP?
RSVPing to our meetings allow the Book Club team to adequately prepare for the people who are coming. The RSVPs tell us how many chairs we need, how many Martinelli’s we need, and whose books we should bring. Without an RSVP, we cannot accommodate you.

6. What do y'all talk about?
The topic of conversation is largely informed by the themes of the book for that month, as well as the insights and experiences of the members who attend the meeting. What’s consistent about every discussion is that we’re trying to understand one another’s perspective.

7. Who picks the books?
The books are chosen by our Founder and Host, Yahdon Israel.

8. When did the Literaryswag Book Club start?
Book club started as a collaborative event with the New York City based independent bookstore, The Strand on September 24th, 2015.

9. What is the goal of the Book Club?
The goal of book club is to use literature as a bridge to connect people and foster better reading practices.

10. Can I read the book on an electronic device?
Yes you can.

11. What if I hate the book?
All the more reason to attend the meetings. You’re bound to find someone who feels the same.

12. Do I have to talk?
You do NOT have to talk during the meetings but everyone is expected to participate in our opening icebreakers.

13. Can I still come if I am running late / don't RSVP?
You can come late. But if you don’t RSVP, you cannot attend.

14. Is there a dress code?
As the word “Swag” is included in our name, we understand how that may lead some people to believe that there’s a dress code to attend the meeting. There isn't. “Swag” is all about a person’s individual style. So come the way you see fit (pun intended).

15. Can I watch it online later?
Yes. We stream our meetings from our Facebook page on FB Live for members who cannot attend to watch.

16. How do I become a member?

  • People interested in becoming members of Book Club do so by filling out our Literaryswag Book Club Membership Form.

  • Once Our Club's Founder, Yahdon Israel, will email you within three (3) business days with a password protected link to join.

  • There are two tiers of membership: (1) Members who live in NYC (5 Boroughs: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens); and
    (2) Members who live outside of NYC. We are a national book club with members in 15 different states.

  • You have seven (7) days from the date that you're emailed to join. (Interests who don't join in that time have to wait until next month before they can join again.)

  • Once you join, your email will be added to the Book Club Member Newsletter, and you will receive an email notifying you when you can expect your first Literaryswag Book Club pick.

  • Interests have until the 10th of month to join to receive the Book Club pick for the next month. If an interest joins after the 10th, their first pick would be the month after. (For example, if you joined Book Club on July 1st, the first book you’d receive would be the one we’re reading for August. If you joined after July 10th, your first book would be the one we’re reading for September.)

    17. How does membership work?
    When you become a member, you will immediately be added to our membership newsletter, where you’ll receive our monthly newsletter that updates you on the next meeting, news regarding members of the Book Club, and more.

18. Do y'all only read Black authors?
Though the highest concentration of the books we’ve read are by Black writers, Literaryswag Book Club’s book choices reflect the faces in the club—and they’re not all black.

19. Do y'all eat at bookclub?
As our meetings are held in a clothing store where the aromas of food can seep into the clothing, we do not.

20. Why do you drink Martinelli’s apple juice?

21. Can anyone join the Literaryswag Book Club?
Anyone can join Book Club. As long as you’re someone with an open mind, and are interested in listening and learning about realities other than your own are welcome.

22. What are the benefits of joining / being a member?

23. Can I buy the book on my own and come to a meeting?
Yes you can. The only exception to this is when the Book Club is hosting a guest author. In the case of those events, only Book Club members are allowed to attend.

24. How long does it take to get me book when I am a member?

26. How will I be contacted about bookclub events?

27. Waht kinds of events does bookclub have?

28. Are kids allowed at bookclub?

29. How often do authors come to meetings?

30. What happens if I move away / out of NYC?

31. What if I can't come to meetings? Am I still a member?

32. Does the bookclub ever have parties?

33. What if I am not satisfied with the book club? /

When are refunds given?

34. What if I no longer want my bookclub books?

35. What is the best way to get in touch with people from bookclub?